First of all, thank you so much for visiting my brand's site. My name is Crystal and I had been dreaming of starting my own business for quite some time. I work as a professional dance artist, model, and now founder of Aura Glow Skin. Other than natural skincare, I am passionate about Intersectional Feminism, Environmentalism, Photography, and Psychology. So why skincare?

My dance career has led me to care about my skin from a young age through applying makeup for competitions. I have been creating my own products for a while, and over hundreds of hours I have done extensive research on superfood, natural ingredients that seriously work (yes, even on acne prone skin and scarring). I have sensitive, combination and hormonal acne prone skin.

I believe in harmony among skincare products we use, and can strongly recommend that it should include natural based skincare daily. In a world where synthetics have become the norm, our bodies are on toxin overload and have not evolved to deal with this issue. We should be mindful of what we consume and absorb, while being increasingly conscious of our environmental impact.

I truly hope you enjoy and admire these products as much as I do. Happy Shopping!

xo, Crystal